What Is Polarize?

The world first ever platform to reward investors and traders in polarize tokens built over Binance Smart Chain. The first ever educational application which will use polarize coin for various tasks and rewards.

Work Process

We’ve built a platform to buy and sell Cryptocurrency.

Polarize brings the power of blockchain technology to Education, the first ever attempt in the world along with the Gaming as a tool to increase adaptation. We are enabling this by creating games and an e-learning platform that allows students and players to earn by using PLR into games such as Fantasy Cricket league and Ludo which will be built in house.

  • Decentralized Platform

  • Crowd Wisdom

  • All In One Place Solution

Best Features

Safe & Secure
Sercure Storage

The platform helps investors to make easy to purchase and sell their tokens. All the storage happens over the blockchain so we do not have control over the data. Investors can be sure of the data privasy as one cannot make ammends to it as they are immutable.

Early Bonus
Investment Projects

We are building Educational application as well as a Cricket Fantasy League games with polarise integration. A trust wallet where you can use it to pay and hold the tokens.

Univarsal Access

Over the years of planning and market reasearch, we plan to deliver on the promises. The next release will have the educational application in beta testing. The private sell owners will be the first to get access of the application.

Secure Storage
Mobile App

dApps (Decentralized application) to connect to the vast network that we have built over past year. The dApp will be the key feature where people will be able to earn rewards based on referral programmes.

Low Cost
Liquidity Pools

We are providing a liquidity pool for the community where you can trade polarize coin against BNB and USDT. Anyone wanting to csh out their rewards can do so via the liquidity pool. People who did not get to be part of the private sell can purchase the PLRs via this liquidity pool.

Several Profit
Utility Platforms

Users can utilize the PLR coins by playing our Fantasy Cricket League game. You can also utilize this token for in game purchases, claiming rewards, using it in educational application. Different stores will be accepting PLRs as we are working to getting them onboard.

The Timeline

Our Products


Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments. Head over Polarize Exchange to buy our token.

mobile apps

Edutech Mobile App

It is an educational application in which students can give task base operation and also olympiad exams. This application will help students in education and earn money. By using this application, students will become leaders in the field of education and also determine and increase their quality by taking various subject exams.

  • Easy Interface

  • Multiple Exams

  • Referral Point System

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Frequently Asked questions

What Cryptocurrencies Can I Use To Purchase?

Once private sell period is launched, You can purchas PLR Tokens with Binance coin (BNB) and USDT.

What Is Private Sell Crypto?

A private sale is a sale of coins or tokens to a limited number of early investors.

How Can I Participate In The Private Token Sale?

You can participate in private sell by contacting us on info@polarizenetwork.io

How Do I Benefit From The Private Sell Token?

You can use PLR tokens to trade it with BNB and USDT over Decentralized exchange - Pancakeswap. Private sell tokens will have early access to all the product developments.

What Is A Smart Cotract?

A smart contract is a decentralized application that executes business logic in response to events.

How Can I Trust The Smart Contract?

Once a smart contract has been engaged to complete a transaction, it will complete exactly how it was coded to and no parties can interfere or change the result of it once it has been executed. This means we can trust Smart Contracts even when we cannot trust our fellow citizens.

What Is So Special About Polarise Smart Contract?

Since, smart contracts are immutable, we cannot change the code, once it's deployed over blockchain. To tackle this, Polarize smart contract is built upgradable using openzeppline library.

What If There Is Any Security Vulnerabilities In The Contract Which Hackers Can Exploit?

We have made sure to make all the updates regarding any security concerns that blockchains are susciptible to. We have written a pausable contract, since our contracts are upgradable, we can detect any exploits and deploy an upgradable framework.

Where Can I Use PLR Tokens?

You can use it to trade on decentralized exchange. You'll be able to use the coins to play Fantasy Cricket League games as welll as any educational application which we will be releasing soon.

What Is The Daily Limit On Transfers?

Daily limit is set to 5k coins per day for each user. It cannot be changed since even smart contract is not allowed to unlock any limits.

Can Investors And Team Members Withdraw Their Coins?

It's not possible for investors to make any transactions since they will be freezed by smart contract and will be released after a year. Although team accounts can be unlocked by the smart contract owner for any emergency funds for the project or to provide any liquidity over exchange.

What Happens To Locked Stake Of The Coins?

There is 70% locking kept in the smart contract and will be minting the coins with 0.005 percent rate for each month to limit the flow of the coins, this makes polarise more secure, trustful as well as less volatile.

How Transparency Is Handled In Polarise?

Our smart contract is public and we will be applying for an audits by openzepllin in the future. Since transactions are limited by smart contract, no one including the owners will be able to mint more coins. Any updates to smart contract will be notified via transaction history.

What If I Want To Withdraw My Fundings?

We have provided the liquidity pool over pancake swap so that you can withdraw your holdings. Once coins are returned, you'll only be able to get PLRs via same liquidity pool only.

Does Polarise Accept Any Payments?

Polarise smart contract does not accept any payments. Users can only buy Polarise via exchange or via private sell members

How Can We Be Sure It's Not A Rug Pool?

We at Polarise, have made sure to freeze all the investor accounts. Even the smart contract owner will not be able to unfreeze them.

Who Owms The Smart Contract?

Polarise CEO Dastageer Menon has all the admin rights to smart contract. Developers do not have the admin rights.

How Is Ownership Handled In Polarise?

Until the private sell, the ownership will remain with the CEO. Once the private sell is done, ownerships regarding minting, pause and proxy updates will be transferred to stake holders.

Is There Any Governace Implemented In The Polarise?

We have not built any governace mechanism in the smart contract, it's on the to-do list and the same will be notified to stake holders once it's done.

How Will Owners Know If There Is Any Security Vulnerabilities?

We will soon be relasing bug bounties for the community so we will get ahead of solving issues if any exists.